Mind mapping is the process of mapping out in a diagram the thoughts you have in your mind. So a mind map, is basically a picture which organizes those thoughts in a way that is visually representative and intuitive. It really is as simple as that and it’s something which you can use for brainstorming, idea generation, drawing processes and pretty much any thoughts you want to map out about anything.

So what is the best free tool out there?

I would say Bubbl. It’s easy to use, free and intuitive. It really doesn’t get any easier than what you can do with Bubbl. You can create your mind maps without having to download anything, purchase a subscription or even enter any details at all. Plus you can export them and download them as pictures which you can then share with your friends or colleagues at work, if it’s work related.

Here’s an example of a mind map I did for one of my projects: